Sell ​​safely

Ship orders when paid

Teleingreso is an easy and secure online payment system

When a client selects Teleingreso as a means of payment, the merchant provides the client with a locator for the amount of the purchase and this remains pending until the client, through the different channels offered by Teleingreso, makes the payment.

Once the client makes the payment of the Teleingreso code, the purchase is made and, automatically, the order is sent or its balance in the store is charged.

Advantages for businesses

Safety: No risk of repudiation

Usability: Teleingreso is an easy and secure means of payment for the customer and does not require registration.

Increase sales: Increasing the number of customers, since Teleingreso is a means of payment focused on different user profiles that demand a safe, easy and confidential solution for their online purchases.

Banked with fear of giving their bank details or who prefer to have an extra degree of confidentiality in their online purchases.

How do I contract teleentry?